Independent Study with The Write Like a Honey Badger Team

A woman in a conical hat grooming moss in a Japanese GardenEach of the WLHB coaches is available to give you that extra leg up that you need in the complicated world of lifestyle journalism. Our team is available for private career coaching, individualized writings classes, pitch-coaching, and ghost-editing. Whether you’re looking for a one-on-one crash course in creating compelling travel pitches or looking to take your work from local papers to the big time, our team has been there and knows the ropes.

 This program is entirely customized to help you achieve your goals (and will help you set those goals, too, if need be). Students can choose their coach or simply send a note about what they are looking for and our team will pair them up with the coach best positioned to walk them through the process.

 Through the independent study program, students can select what they’re looking to know more about and how they’d like to learn it. Options for individualized learning include:

  • Email lessons
  • Phone coaching
  • Skype or WhatsApp sessions
  • In-person sessions for people located in instructors’ home cities.

Potential topics for individual sessions include:

  • Goal setting for short and long term
  • Help identifying story ideas and angles
  • Reviewing pitches
  • Ghost-editing pitches
  • How to choose the best outlets for various pieces (and help finding email addresses and submission guidelines to send to them)
  • Pep talks in the face of tough rejections

 Praise for Write Like A Honey Badger’s private coaching

“I really liked [Naomi Tomky’s ] straightforward style of communication.”

“It’s always so invigorating spending time with [Naomi Tomky] and I love her straightforward, honest feedback.”

“Naomi’s coaching has been essential in moving my writing career in the direction I’ve hoped after only a few months. She understands the nuances of dealing with different editors in the food and travel realm, is very responsive and open about her knowledge, and knows how to write an engaging pitch that will sell.”

“A fine-toothed-comb edit like [Amanda’s] is hard to find. I can’t wait to get started revising: it’s like being told the cheat to a Sonic the Hedgehog game at school and rushing home to test it out!” — Simon Willis

“Amanda Castleman looked over a 6,000-word piece I was doing for National Geographic Traveler. Plain and simple, her comments and suggestions were the best I have ever seen from any editor, anywhere. Amanda’s a genius.”  — Edward Readicker-Henderson, Winner of multiple Lowell Thomas Awards

“I’ve always admired Amanda’s work and so when I reached out to her to be my editor, I was beyond honored when she accepted. And I’m so glad I did because I’ve learned so much and am a much stronger writer for it.” — Lola Akinmade