Write Like A Honey Badger (WLHB) is a female-owned school, helping students achieve their dreams through online writing classes. Led by one of the industry’s top instructors — Amanda Castleman — it offers a range of workshops, from showing emerging authors the ropes to helping hardcore experts who want to level-up their careers.

Two women sitting at the edge of a Canadian Rockies cliff in Tumbler Ridge, BC, right beside a waterfall dropping into a blue-green alpine lakeWLHB welcomes all students with its mission of inclusivity in classes and also the industry. Each course offers a full scholarship open to people of color, LGBTQIA and non-binary authors, and writers from other under-served and under-represented backgrounds.

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How Write Like A Honey Badger Works

WLHB classes run online, making them flexible to any time zone and easy to fit into the schedule of a current or wanna-be world traveler. But they always retain the small-workshop format that means students get personal attention, detailed edits, and plenty of instructor interaction.

Beyond the craft of writing itself, WLHB supports students through the reality of life as a journalist, memoirist, or creator of narrative non-fiction. Roadmaps for the job don’t exist, but the teachers at WLHB use their own experience and expertise earned over decades in the industry. Expect insider tips on pitching, publishing, and managing a freelance career, both in classes and individual study programs.

Online Writing Classes from the Experts

Each of WLHB’s courses comes from a highly acclaimed, professional writer who makes their living working full-time in the genre they teach. They know exactly how the trade operates and what editors are looking for right now. Classes run on an internet platform—accessible around the clock—that allows students to ask questions, interact with their peers, and get direct, personalized feedback.

How To Make a Living as a WRITER

Becoming a freelance writer can be a tough road in an ever-changing ecosystem of digital and print publications. WLHB teachers stay up-to-date on the latest editor needs and publication shifts. This helps them guide students to reach all their writing goals—whether that’s crafting stronger sentences for a newsletter or pitching an ambitious feature to a big-name glossy magazine.

Creating a Community

WLHB was started by a writer eager to deepen and widen the world of writing. That ethos of inclusivity carries through all aspects of the school. In particular, we designed classes that create a community feel—both during and after the class—because we know the power of camaraderie, referrals, and alpha and beta readers.

Write Like A Honey Badger offers a scholarship each term to encourage representation among stories and storytellers.

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