Instructor Jessica Poitevien

Jessica Poitevien, a Haitian-American writer (smiling black woman against a cityscape – probably New York)Jessica Poitevien is a New York-born freelance writer who also grew up in Florida and California. After graduating from the University of Florida, she began her expat adventures in Spain and Colombia, while also launching her writing career. Starting first with a blog about travel, food, digital nomad life, and more, Jessica eventually leveraged her experience into a full-blown career.

She worked as the Web Editor of Recommend, a travel agent-focused magazine, before switching to freelance. Now, with 11 years of travel writing under her belt, Jessica has bylines in Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, National Geographic, American Way, Insider, and more. When she’s not writing or traveling, you can find Jessica stoking the flames of her obsessions: baking shows, talking to strangers, and exploring nature.



“Jessica’s upfront insight into freelancing and writing provided a different sort of depth to the overall experience of the course. Her responses to the questions we as a class posed to her resonated with me immensely, especially those about making strides as a freelancer and the ideating-pitching-writing process. The generous tips, advice and guidance that she provided were rooted in practicality, and she managed to share them with a cheerful dose of encouragement and positivity. No question was too basic to not merit a detailed, thoughtful response that came straight from the heart. I think I’m going to often go back and read through her responses when in doubt and in need of some guidance!” — Tasneem Pocketwala

“I’m so grateful to have been a part of Pitch Like a Honey Badger and to Jessica Poitevien for taking the time to answer such thorough AMAs.” — Brijana Prooker

“I loved the Pitch Like a Honey Badger class. The lessons were full of useful nuggets of information on pitching during the pandemic, how to re-slant materials for several stories and lots more.  Jessica’s AMA was very helpful because she gave detailed answers and encouraged us to keep working on our business. Above all, I’m grateful that I did this course!” — Arundhati Nath

“Jessica’s feedback was much appreciated. She asked pointed questions and gave specific direction when I was veering off or not clear.” — anonymous feedback

“Jessica’s feedback was positive and encouraging — vital for those of us building confidence about pitching — but also constructive. She knows what it takes to land an assignment with an editor, and her expertise came through in her thoughtful line edits and comments.” — Alyssa Kagel

“Amanda, Jessica, and Leslie bring an abundance of experience and knowledge to the Travel Writing I course. Their collective expertise continues to help me become a more skilled storyteller and mindful traveler. Thank you so much, ladies!”  — Wanda Duncan

“Thank you Amanda, Jessica, and Leslie! You are all AWESOME. Hope to stay in touch!” — survey response

“I appreciated Jessica’s patience and clarity!” – anonymous feedback

“One of my favorite things about the course was the AMA with Jessica ­– very detailed and informative. I loved the way she answered our questions!” — anonymous feedback