Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the classes held?
We’ll be working on a browser-based teaching platform. This allows files to be shared easily, without cluttering your inbox, and gives you classroom access from any net-wired terminal, anywhere in the world. But you’ll still have options to push alerts to email, if that appeals.

When does the bell ring?
Never! Go online whenever you please – the classroom is open 24/7. 

What’s expected of me?
You’ll receive weekly assignments and should offer feedback to at least two fellow students each week. Participation on the discussion forums is optional.

What are the critiques like?
The instructors at Write Like A Honey Badger (WLHB) are renowned for detailed line-edits (interleaving comments, sometimes with links, directly into manuscripts). They also offer more general holistic advice, where it’s required.

Your work  — and feedback — will be visible to the whole class, so students can learn from each others strengths and spots to improve upon. Short-term exceptions can be made to this policy for extremely sensitive work.

How much time do the workshops take?
It depends. Shorter seminars usually require at least two hours per week, between assignments, reading lectures and offering peer feedback. Master classes are more akin to three-credit college courses.

Either way, ambitious readers can delve deep via links and articles: some study is self-guided and entirely optional.

Can I travel during the session?
Students – and instructors – frequently roam during the terms. The decision should hinge upon your work habits: can you focus and write well away from home? Will you have the discipline to hand in assignments early, if necessary?

Good habits are important, so Write Like a Honey Badger allows just one late submission per student (except by special arrangement). Further tardy work will not be critiqued.

What sort of success can I expect?
Our students have published in outlets from Sunset to National Geographic Traveler and The New York Times. Others have won Lowell Thomases, travel-writing’s most prestigious awards, and have been featured in Best Travel Writing.

Placement depends on timing, connections and marketing savvy, as much as talent. This course works to boost each student up a few ladder rungs from where he or she began. For some, that’s breaking into a new publication, for others that’s working towards a coveted clip, book proposal or award submission.

I live outside the U.S. Is this a problem?
Our courses are entirely online with no fixed hours. All you need is a word-processing program, Internet access, a browser and a credit card.

WLHB instructors work with international outlets and are comfortable editing and advising on projects that will publish outside the U.S.

I’m not sure I want to freelance…
There’s no publish or perish here! While Write Like a Honey Badger workshops emphasize career-building skills, they primarily focus on storytelling and style elements that can translate to many mediums.

Most importantly, our courses provide detailed feedback from seasoned writers, editors and instructors: something independent authors often lack.

What stops other writers from stealing my ideas?
The world teems with story concepts and writers often stumble across the same ones: overlap tends to be coincidence, not theft. But this workshop will inoculate you, by focusing on the stories you’re most suited to tell, and digging deep for original angles, access and sources to make them shine. Between your unique take — and the 10,000-odd English-language publications worldwide — there’s room for students to explore the same topics, working together, rather than at odds.

Will other students steal my contacts and outlets?
No. We encourage people to pool intel, as a rising tide lifts all boats. But you’re under no obligation to divulge publication details or editors’ emails, if that doesn’t feel comfortable.

How can I pay?
We accept credit and debit cards. U.S. checks, Venmo, SquareCash and Transferwise are possible by special arrangement.

Do you offer discounts?
No. But we have a full scholarship for a person of color, LGBTQIA or non-binary writer each term. We offer partial scholarships and ones open to encountering financial difficulty whenever we can.

I’m excited about the course, but can’t pay the whole fee up front!
Payment plans are available: please email for more information. We customize each schedule and provide a contract detailing the terms.

What if I try the class and things don’t click?
It happens —  no problem! If you withdraw before kickoff or within the first week, you’ll receive a full refund minus a $35 administrative fee. Students who cancel in the second week can request an 75% reimbursement. Write Like A Honey Badger can’t accommodate refunds after day 14, but will issue transfer credits for other terms for emergency situations.

But what if I can’t finish the workshop?
Under exceptional circumstances, students can transfer terms for up to two calendar years or bank private tutorial credits.

Any fine-print I should know about?
Write Like a Honey Badger will not critique work that flags as plagiarized or written by generative AI apps like ChatGPT.

If you use artificial intelligence as part of your process, that’s okay. Just make sure you’re creating a unique manuscript that doesn’t read as being written by a bot (check with free tools like and

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. Intellectual property theft is illegal and also harms our colleagues and the industry. Offenders will be removed from class and will not receive any refunds or transfers.
  • If a student is caught using AI once, instructors will ask for the project to be revised and resubmitted before critiquing it. At the second instance, the student will be removed from class and will not be refunded or allowed to transfer terms.
Editors also take these issues very seriously, so we hope this policy will help you build — or maintain — best practices!

Do you have an affiliate program?
Write Like A Honey Badger is unable to offer referral fees, as we’ve committed our marketing budget to the scholarship program (each workshop has at least one free space for a POC or LGBTQIA writer). We’d welcome a link, if you’d like to help spread the word about this, of course! And we’d be happy to discuss a guest post, if that’s of interest.

Wait, I have another question!
Please email (Please note: we supply this address so we can assist students and alumni. We do not accept proposals to improve SEO or app/web-dev proposals. All off-topic emails will be reported as spam.)