Instructor Naomi Tomky

Award-winning food and travel writer Naomi Tomky (pronouns she/her) uses her unrelenting enthusiasm for eating everything to propel herself around the world. From trailing a street food hawker in Singapore to navigating the ancient roads of the Maya jungle, she explores the globe with a hungry eye—and mouth. Her work appears in publications such as The New York Times, Travel + Leisure, Saveur, Food & Wine, and more. She was included in the 2017 edition of Best Food Writing and has won a 2019 Lowell Thomas and an Association of Food Journalists Best Food and Travel Award, and contributed to numerous cookbooks and guidebooks. Her own, The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook, came out in November 2019.

Naomi spent a decade in the marketing industry and held various consulting roles (editing, social media, and more). She’s also taught food writing, travel writing, and pitching classes online and in-person since 2016. She offers private coaching to help move new and seasoned writers to the next level in their writing journeys.


Focus on Food Writing
Recipe Writing Intensive
Summer-pace Food Writing Refresher


“This has been a terrific class! Thanks so much, Naomi and Kae Lani — not only have I had a great time over the last six weeks, but I feel you’ve helped me with my food writing. You’re both excellent editors, who point out flaws (with kindness!), while also providing the necessary guidance to craft a better story. Thank you, thank you!” — Jeremy Tarr

“Thank you Naomi and Kae Lani for your help, kindness, and guidance! I appreciated everyone in the class for their comments as well, as I start journeying into food writing. I learned a lot about ways to improve my writing and my pitching, and it helped alleviate some fears.” — Zac Jones-Gómez

“The course was very well structured and the lessons built off one another well. It was very accessible and has provided me a wealth of information, I’ve noticed my writing getting much more effective after the class.”

“This workshop really helped me to clean up and rethink my food writing. I definitely recommend Naomi’s class for anyone interested in culinary writing, whether you’re brand new or well seasoned (all pun intended).”

“Naomi’s class is a wonderful guide to food writing! Lectures cover writing mechanics, industry expectations and pitching guides, and encourage us to develop our own perspectives on food writing. The reading lists and feedback are specific and immensely helpful. Additionally, she sets clear guidelines for the workshop portion of class and ensures class comments are productive and respectful.”

“Focus on Food Writing was the perfect introduction to food writing. I learned about the different types of food writing as well as the writing techniques used in the genre. I also learned how to center storytelling. The weekly feedback I received from the instructor as well as my peers challenged me to think more critically and expansively. I look forward to re-visiting the curriculum as I continue to build my skills and highly recommend this class!”

“I loved each week’s assignment and Naomi’s detailed and thorough feedback. Her comments were wonderful and I learned daily from them. If she did another food writing class with different goals, I would be interested in taking it.”

“Naomi is a wonderful teacher. I learned so much about my writing and habits from her feedback.”

“As an unemployed service worker aspiring to break into food writing, Naomi Tomky’s class was a gift that all writers could benefit from.”

“I really liked her straightforward style of communication.”

“I learned so much about travel writing (or any writing for that matter) through hands-on work as well as from the class lectures.”

“I love her class and look forward to every time we meet. It’s super helpful to hear what editors look for and how to spin topics into angles.”

“It’s always so invigorating spending time with her and I love her straightforward, honest feedback.”

“Naomi’s coaching has been essential in moving my writing career in the direction I’ve hoped after only a few months. She understands the nuances of dealing with different editors in the food and travel realm, is very responsive and open about her knowledge, and knows how to write an engaging pitch that will sell.”