Instructor and Co-founder Naomi Tomky

Instructor and founder Naomi Tomky, a Caucasian woman in a grey shirt, smiling as she leans against a fence in the Pacific Northwest. A curving trail and evergreen trees are visible in the backgroundAward-winning food and travel writer Naomi Tomky uses her unrelenting enthusiasm for eating everything to propel herself around the world. From trailing a street food hawker in Singapore to navigating the ancient roads of the Maya jungle, she explores the globe with a hungry eye—and mouth. Her work appears in publications such as The New York Times, Travel + Leisure, Saveur, Food & Wine, and more. She was included in the 2017 edition of Best Food Writing and has won an Association of Food Journalists Best Food and Travel Award, and contributed to numerous cookbooks and guidebooks. Her own, The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook, comes out in November 2019.

Naomi spent a decade in the marketing industry and held various consulting roles (editing, social media, and more). She’s also taught food writing, travel writing, and pitching classes online and in-person since 2016. She offers private coaching to help move new and seasoned writers to the next level in their writing journeys.

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“I really liked her straightforward style of communication.”

“I learned so much about travel writing (or any writing for that matter) through hands-on work as well as from the class lectures.”

“I love her class and look forward to every time we meet. It’s super helpful to hear what editors look for and how to spin topics into angles.”

“It’s always so invigorating spending time with her and I love her straightforward, honest feedback.”

“Naomi’s coaching has been essential in moving my writing career in the direction I’ve hoped after only a few months. She understands the nuances of dealing with different editors in the food and travel realm, is very responsive and open about her knowledge, and knows how to write an engaging pitch that will sell.”