Instructor Jennifer Kho

A smiling Asian-American woman with lime-green shoulder-length hair and silver necklaces draping over a purple short-sleeved top. The background looks rainforesty.

Portrait by Candice Dickens-Russell

Jennifer Kho (she/her) is the VP of journalism and information equity at DoGoodery, a sustainability consultancy based in Los Angeles, and an independent researcher. She also serves as a senior adviser for Canary Media, an adviser for Bay City News Foundation and president of the Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS). She was previously the senior director of strategic innovation at HuffPost, where she led the development of new audience engagement, storytelling and revenue models, including membership; managing editor of HuffPost; and managing editor of the Guardian US; and founding editor of Greentech Media.



“Jennifer Kho has served as a senior advisor to RMI-affiliate Canary Media, a climate newsroom and website, since our launch earlier this year — and her contribution to the company is significant. I’m grateful to have had her journalism experience and newsroom organization skills as part of our early-stage media outfit. Jennifer provided leadership in audience development and content strategy and guided us in matters of diversity and hiring. She was also a welcome voice of calm and reason in a busy startup environment.”
Eric Wesoff, Canary Media

“Jenn is a truly talented leader, who invests in her teams and balances an organization’s operational demands with a keen understanding of strategy. Her ability to consider opportunities and challenges from all angles, find and build a consensus amongst leaders, and follow through strategies to execution is to her immense credit. At HuffPost, Jenn revolutionized the US newsroom’s approach to audience metrics and engagement, helped diversify revenue, and launched and iterated membership programs that brought HuffPost and its readers closer than ever. Jenn is a delight to work with and an asset to any organization that cares about strategic leadership.”
Jack Riley, HuffPost

“Jenn and I worked together when we overlapped in our time at HuffPost. Jenn was an extraordinary leader, empathetic manager and a masterful creative when tackling revenue challenges. I watched as she orchestrated a re-org of the newsroom, rebuilt our distribution functions, and energized the business development team with revenue generating opportunities that supported the newsroom’s journalism. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing where her career takes her and hope we work together again!”
Shelley Venus, Facebook

“Jenn has built a career on steering newsrooms through important, difficult work and challenging times; from financial strife and restructures to designing new and ethical business models that keep journalism alive without compromising its integrity. She’s a strategic editor and manager overflowing with empathy and — as someone who’s grown up in newsrooms as a reporter, editor and leader — just gets what motivates her teams. And, as she climbs she brings people with her, showing just how true she is to developing talent and building inclusive, rewarding cultures. On top of all the management stuff, she’s whip smart, fast-thinking, fun and a fastidious editor and news obsessive.”
Kerry Eustice, Guardian US

“Jenn and I worked together for several years on the leadership team at the Guardian and HuffPost. She is one of the most strategic and talented executives I’ve ever worked with. It’s so rare to find a leader with such a unique and broad range of skills. These abilities have helped her succeed at everything from award-winning editorial projects and tech-innovation programs to strategic transformation initiatives and a major media brand relaunch. Her passion for digital journalism and media is infectious — she’s a wonderful human who earns respect and admiration even during the toughest of times.”
Charlie Wilkie, Rock Paper Scissors