Enroll: Portfolio Review

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  • Before the session begins — transfer or full refund
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Consider what expertise or unusual access — in terms of experiences or interviews — you can bring to pitches or pieces: those elements are like catnip for editors.

If you don’t already keep a file or notebook of story ideas, we suggest starting one… then targeting three to five for deeper research dives before class starts. We find it useful to not only read extensively, but to watch relevant movies and connect with locals or experts via forums and social media.

Hoping to break into freelancing or open up new markets? Brainstorm specific, timely angles that employ your expertise. Keep lead-times in mind:

  • Breaking news, online or in newspapers — hours to days
  • General web/newspaper outlets — several weeks to two months, typically
  • Print magazines — anywhere from two months for small stories to two-to-three years out for big features

If you’re excited to dive in, maybe check out some of our favorite books. Write Like a Honey Badger doesn’t require any of these texts, but they’re all excellent volumes to have in your library.