Whether students are looking to figure out how to publish their travel memoir, make a living as a food writer, or simply to become a better writer, Write Like a Honey Badger is designed to give them the information and instruction they need to achieve their goals.

Two giraffes on the Masai Mara in Kenya with golden grass and smoky blue skies

Food and travel writing are many people’s idea of perfect jobs—but there aren’t many resources that actually help people achieve the dream with applicable, useful lessons. It’s been a reality of the industry for years, and has served only to keep the industry exclusive and insular. WLHB hopes to change that.

As writers, Naomi Tomky and Amanda Castleman came up through the industry learning solely by feel. They felt there had to be a better way to help bring in and guide other writers. The pair created Write Like A Honey Badger as a platform to offer classes and information to anyone and everyone who shared the dream of becoming a travel or food writer.

By using small group classes, WLHB offers the kind of individual attention, personalized editing, and hands-on instruction that the founders wished they could have found. For alumni of the classes, instructors offer continuing education opportunities and ongoing community. WLHB also offers independent study, pitch coaching, and manuscript editing for writers who prefer a one-on-one format or need help with a specific goal or project.

WLHB was founded with the mission to help broaden the world of lifestyle writing and, as such, offers a minimum of one scholarship spot in every class to a student from an under-served or under-represented community.